Request for Proposal

Please read the Grant Eligibility below. Then download (the link is at bottom of this page) and complete the grant application. Email completed applications to Dr. Janis Petronis or Nancy Allen, Co-Chairs of the Grant Review Committee, at or .

Requests for proposals (the grant applications) are DUE BY JANUARY 31, 2023.

Any specific questions regarding this RFP should be directed to the Grant Review Committee. Call Dr. Janis Petronis at 254-965-6347 or 254-592-4030, or email

Grant Eligibility

  1. The request is for startup funds to launch a new initiative to address a specific unmet need.
  2. The proposed project focuses on one or more of the following categories (Culture and Beautification, Education, Environment, Family, Health and Wellness) and does not advance a political or religious agenda.
  3. The agency or organization is 501c3 as documented by a copy of your 501c3 Determination Letter.
  4. The proposed project will benefit only Erath County and will be completed within one year.
  5. The amount requested is $10,000 or less.
  6. Priority will be given to organizations that do not already receive significant funds through fundraising and/or donor solicitation.
  7. An organization that has previously received funding is eligible to submit a proposal for a different project, but will not receive preferential consideration.
  8. Applications with missing information will not be considered.
Culture and BeautificationEnvironment
Health and Wellness

Requirements if Funded

A progress report in the form of a brief presentation documenting goals achieved through the grant will be given at the August meeting of 50 Women Strong.

The 50 Women Strong Grant “First Financial Report” is due at the August meeting. If the project is complete at that time, receipts/invoices should be provided with the financial report and a second financial report will not be needed. The “Final Financial Report,” along with receipts/invoices, will be due when the grant project has been completed, but no later than February 1, 2024.

The organization gives 50 Women Strong the right to publicize grant awardees and their projects on social media and public printed media.