Request for Proposal

Download the Request for Proposal

Below is the information needed to prepare your Request for Proposal.

Organizations must serve Erath County and be looking for funds for one of the following areas:

Culture and BeautificationEnvironment
Health and Wellness

Grant Criteria

1.  Grants must be focused on a need in one or more of the giving categories:  Culture and Beautification, Education, Environment, Family, Health and Wellness.

2.  Grants are offered to entities for the benefit of Erath County only.

3.  Grants cannot be politically based or promote any religious denomination.

4.  Priority will be given to groups who don’t already receive significant funds (large enough to affect a situation to a noticeable degree) though fundraising and/or donor solicitation.

5. Grant seekers must demonstrate their viability as a group – both financially,  through reliability, and recognized leadership.

6. If funded, awardees must attend a 50 Women Strong meeting and present documentation (qualitative and quantitative) of goals achieved through the grant.

7.  Minimum funding for grants will be $10,000 but the group retains the right to fund lessor amounts if it deems a request appropriate.

8.  Grants are awarded yearly and are not continued.  New grants may be submitted by previous awardees but do not receive preferential consideration.

9.  Awardees must submit full financial documents and receipts to 50 Women Strong to ensure that funds are spent appropriately.

10.  Grant awardees give 50 Women Strong the right to recognize their selection and successes on organizational social media.